When your Life seems Like a TV Show.


We’ve all been there, we think to ourselves did that really just happen? or what the actual hell? and sometimes if we’re REALLY lucky, we even convince ourselves that MTV had a revival of the show Punked. In fact that is a daily occurrence in my life. This happens so often that I routinely find myself using my own life as a punchline in many of my jokes. I realize that most people would find this sad, but then again I guess my life isn’t normal because low and behold more and more people laugh at the crazy and misfortune that goes on. But hey I guess that’s what happens when your life could be it’s own Television show. So I think that’s what the purpose of my next few posts might be. I’ll give you people a few “episodes” from my crazy life and hopefully pass on some knowledge in the process, that way you lovely people know how to combat the crazy in your own lives and NOT want to rip your hair out… or commit murder. Which ever comes first, It’s a 50/50 split for me most days. So without any further delay… well maybe tomorrow cause I have history homework that I NEED to finish. I will start my mini series series and you all WILL thank me later. I can promise you that.


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