Whoever Told you “Don’t hate the Player Hate the Game” They were wrong.


We’ve all heard it. That infamous phrase “Don’t hate the Player…Hate the game.” At first instinct, We laugh and roll our eyes; But in reality, we really should be slapping the shit out of the asshole that uses that phrase. Why you ask? I’ll tell you the five main reasons why the very second you hear that phrase…even if it’s from one of your close girlfriends (yep even your girlfriends…you slap them too) you slap the shit out of them, before they can even complete their damn thought.

Reason 1: If they’re saying it, chances are they are probably a player…and therefore know how to play the “game” really fucking well. I’ve had way to many experiences in my life, starting with High school. (and that’s saying something considering I’m 22) So this ladies, this is how you combat this first reason. Watch the guys body language, if he’s looking at you with some cocky ass smirk on his face, he’s probably already starting to try and put some kind of smoothie moves on you. DO NOT fall for this. Take it for what he’s worth, he’s trying to see how far he’s going to get with you– trying to see if YOU can play the game just as well as he can. And for that simple fact alone, just walk away. I repeat.. WALK AWAY.

Reason 2: Only jerks and Asshats play games. Need I say anymore? If someone is really going to go through all that trouble to start up some kind of mind game, just walk away, you don’t need the stress HE—or SHE isn’t worth it. Since, let’s face it girls can be player assholes too. And if by only one simple phrase you can start to see that or at least read into it. I’d say yet again you need to rethink your life and just abort the current path you’re on.

Reason 3: Because that phrase is even dumber then YOLO. I mean really who even fucking says “don’t hate the player hate the game.” Good LORD you might as well have tattooed I’m a giant asshole and I’ll probably cheat on you in three months across your fucking forehead. I mean C’mon, The phrase is a cliche you might as well not even bother trying to have a functional relationship if that’s going to be your “golden phrase”.

Reason 4: Only tools and Rap Artists say that—and it’s probably a lyric in the song that the tool had just listened to. Need I say more? TOOLS AND RAP ARTISTS PEOPLE.

Reason 5: Because who really needs to deal with a shit phrase like that. Just think about this last reason, it shouldn’t take that Long to figure it out, Its not a clever phrase and in fact it’s really stupid, so because of that you should just reach out and slap the person in their stupid face.

SO remember, if you’re talking to someone, and the dreaded phrase “don’t hate the player, hate the game” gets uttered, or purposely brought up in conversation. promptly slap them, and then just WALK AWAY>


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