Cozumel looks fun      To Be Completely Honest, this tropical picture of the ocean really has nothing to do with any of the mad knowledge bombs I’m going to be dropping on you. I just really love the beach. And as the title suggests, its after midnight and I can’t sleep so you’re stuck with the random crap that pops out of my head right now. However the random stuff in my head usually ends up being relevant… hint hint hehe. Anywho the beach is awesome, the perfect calm and the abstract serenity of being out by the ocean soaking up sun; just helps ease the stress in your life away, even if there’s plenty of crazy in your life.

It’s funny how being hundreds of miles away from your home can silence all the miscellaneous pointless crap that goes on in your daily life. the stuff that when we’re there and surrounded by the constant chaos and clutter of whatever stupid fight or abstract problem that currently takes up every available inch of free space in your brain; it all seems so important. Yet once we remove ourselves and take a step back, inhale and count to fifteen before exhaling we realize how incredibly silly we were being. I like the beach because the sense of calm is deafening but it’s exactly what was needed.

The beach can be anything, the backdrop for a vacation romance, the spot for a pick up game of volleyball, your tanning salon or even perhaps your happy place. Whatever the case may be, when you find your happy place make it yours and don’t ever let go of it.


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