Beware of the Serial Dater.


This is a trend, and it isn’t just for girls anymore. I shit you not. A dear friend of mine was telling me the other day about a guy that she’s into, and he seems to fit all the criteria for a good decent guy… OR SO WE THOUGHT. Now it seems that there are all these girls popping out of the wood work telling her that they were his girlfriend and that he JUST broke up with them, so he could date her or talk to her or whatever the fuck it is they’re doing. Stories of all these promises the guy made to them. I’m telling you, everything I’ve talked about up until now seriously seems to come full circle; it’s sickening in a way because it really shouldn’t. which is why my friend and I have started equivocating our lives to T-Swift songs because she might have really fucked up relationships and every song seems to be about how one wronged her—but it is clearly on point. so this, this my friends is going to be your cheat sheet to avoid someone who is just as bad as the dreaded player. this type of asshat guy is called the


Serial Daters, are almost as bad as if not worse then the player because: this guy is basically a player on steroids. Why you ask? Well my lovelies I’ll tell you. He is the expert at playing the game, if it were his job he would be the boss because he is just THAT GOOD. Know’s all the right things to say or not say and has this uncanny ability to make you feel special; the serial dater can take place in many shapes and forms, but the one that I’ve been told about in particular seems to really only make an appearance on social media. Which is clearly how this scheme or whatever seems to be working because no one is any the wiser. In theory this guy could have as many “girlfriends” as he wants because it’s all over the country or globe, or at least all over the internet.

This I know is very similar to being a player if not the same thing but worse because everything happens so fast as the victim you literally have no idea what happened or if it was you. and let me tell you victims of a serial dater– IT IS NOT YOU. It is never you, it’s always him (or her) this person clearly doesn’t know what they really truly want. It is unfortunate and sad that you got caught in the crossfire and sucked up into the superficial bliss. False hope and Fictional feelings, that’s how you have to look at it because dwelling on it is what’s going to be your downfall. So in order to get over move on and never let this happen to you again, here’s what you’re going to do.

You’ll gather up all your girls for a crazy girls night, if that means getting hammered and sleazy at a bar in the city, or covered in a mud mask and watching chick flicks do it. you have to its mandatory.

next go to the gym and just sweat out the stress. my personal favorite is to do a yoga class or boxing, i like hitting things–you might like hitting things too.

and finally just pity the poor bastard because they are so miserable in their own life that they feel like its okay to do this kind of petty immature shit.

and always ALWAYS remember that, it is you who is truly beautiful and HE’S (SHE’S) the one missing out… not you cause the serial dater, is truly a pathetic succubus of dating potential.


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