Perception Isn’t Reality (sometimes we like to think that) but its NOT

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I know that we all hear at one time or another “Perception is reality.” I’d like to take a moment however to say that it isn’t. Or at least it isn’t to an extent. As human’s we all like to put up fronts or create a positive image, it’s natural instinct no body wants to be judged harshly by their peers. However what we fail to recognize is that the image we present sometimes isn’t true, and because of this we allow ourselves to fool others, and even ourselves sometimes. What we say can affect other people, but it is potentially affecting them based off of this made up image of ourselves. The pictures that we see on social media don’t always tell the whole story, the posts that we read online aren’t always as black and white as we’d like to believe. People are multidimensional and in reality NOTHING is ever exactly as it seems…. Life gets presented to us and others in shades of grey, and events or perceptions will ultimately get twisted so people will see what the individual wants others to see. Its no ones fault if someone else’s dumbass decides to take what they see as the supreme law of the land. Creating an image at some point will ALWAYS backfire, realistically because what you’re trying to convince the free world of just isn’t true.

Eventually what you, your mom, your cousin, your best friend, their best friend, and his/her aunt twice removed will gain clarity of is that this is your life, not theirs or anyone else’s so who the fuck cares what people think or how they “perceive” you. Chances are that what they think isn’t true or has been blown completely out of proportion anyway. SO why give them the satisfaction of knowing that, they got to you. That it bothered you so much as an individual you tried to morph or hide who you are or what you’ve accomplished because you thought it wasn’t going to be good enough, or because you didn’t want them to make some asinine, deluded, ridiculous comment to you. It doesn’t fucking matter, what people think doesn’t matter at all. An opinion or your feelings are your own personal expression of who YOU ARE. No one else can take that from you, and if someone thinks that they can, or if someone is going to try and shoot you down then fuck ’em.

Perception isn’t really reality, people just say that so they don’t feel bad about judging others, or deciding that they just don’t believe what you are saying. its the biggest load of BULLSHIT I’ve ever heard, judgments aren’t reserved for other people, Judgements are reserved for GOD and only GOD. Society should grasp that concept and learn to live life in a positive and constructive manner. It blows my mind how many people think it is okay to judge others when they aren’t perfect themselves— and trust me I would know because at one time in my life I was the biggest offender of that very thing. Treating people with decency and respect can and will go a long way. Why waste time being negative?

There are two golden rules in life, and these life rules have nothing to do with any of this “perception is reality” bullshit they’re quite simple and we’ve been learning them since Kindergarten… but I suppose that there are and will always be people in this world who just never learned the importance of these cardinal rules of life.

1. Treat others the way you would want to be treated: That’s really self explanatory, It’s pretty simple really it is– IF you know for a fact that you would not want someone to disrespect you or treat you poorly, don’t do it to them. This concept of an eye for an eye, is just stupid! Why waste time being disrespectful or rude to a person on this earth, if you don’t want to talk to them or you don’t like them— its pretty simple act like the person doesn’t fucking exist. There problem solved.

2. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. This rule of life is another one that is pretty much point blank accurate. Do I really need to explain it? If you looked at this and said yup I don’t get it why is this a rule of life, go slap yourself right now because you were clearly raised by wolves– or you’re a jackass; Or both you were raised by wolves AND you’re a jackass. Being nice to people it’s common sense, knowing when to hold your tongue and when it is okay to let someone “have it” will make or break your life, it’s the difference between being an upstanding member of society and getting yourself arrested or written up because you didn’t know how to act or keep your damn mouth shut.

What I think we all have come to realize, (and if you haven’t you soon will) Is that nothing is ever really “perception” so much as personal judgement or conclusions made based off of an opinion, whether it is shared by everyone or it is just an individual opinion isn’t important. Once it’s made chances are it won’t be changed, so this idea that we all need to create all this positive fake crap is just wrong, no matter what you do or don’t do, you’re gunna get judged, someone will day unfair and untrue things about you and people won’t follow the golden rules of life.

Let’s face it, that’s just how it is, that’s how its going to be and that’s the kind of world we get to raise our kids in. It’s pretty fucked up and it’s imperfect, but it’s how we all learn grow and become who we are supposed to be. There should be a better way to do it and maybe one day there will be– but until that day comes. I think we all need to remember a simple truth.

PERCEPTION ISN’T REALITY (sometimes we like to think that) BUT ITS NOT…. I swear to you It’s NOT.


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