You’re Probably A Jackass


Here’s the universal answer for a lot of questions you might have when it comes to the shitty existence of your life. Ready? It’s pretty powerful stuff, and it’ll probably make things in your life sooo much easier once you’ve learned the sad sad but obvious truth. the answer to all of your questions is….


Here’s some examples, if any of these relate to you– or someone you may know congratulations you and said person are most definitely jackasses

You’re a JACKASS IF….

1. You routinely wonder why nobody ever seems to want to talk to you.

2. People always seem to leave the SECOND you walk into a room

3. You have to force some kind of invite out of people because they just don’t seem to want to ever take you places.

4. If you are lucky enough to be willingly invited somewhere, its usually to someones house and it’s NEVER in a group setting.

5. You have to continuously let people know that you were joking and didn’t mean a single thing you said.

6. Your comments always seem to just rub, EVERYONE the wrong way—and to top it all off you’re completely oblivious to this—every single time.

7. Starting fights is your thing, and you will start one just because you can.

8. You are constantly told “quit being a jackass.”

9. People ignore you because they’re tired of the shit that comes out of your mouth— they heard you, stop repeating it— you just look stupid now.

IF any of these examples hit home with your own life or the life of someone you know…. CONGRATULATIONS!! That makes you or your friend— or you and your friend JACKASSES!


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