Sticks and Stones


We’ve all heard the expression, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

I think it’s safe to say, that while yes this child’s rhyme that is meant to deter a person from saying hurtful things because ” words will never hurt me.” Is unfortunately a load of crap. Words do hurt, words are the most powerful weapons we as humans have— I know I’ve said that before.

Yet it’s the cold hard truth, the sad thing about today’s world is we know how to use our words in such a powerful way— whether you think so or not what you say is hurtful, we teach our kids to be resilient when it comes to name calling and hurtful words. But what we don’t see is the internal struggle, the repeated effort of just simply attempting to brush these things off as if they didn’t happen. It seems to be that we are all missing key elements on what it means to have humanity, compassion and kindness in this world. I pray that one day we remember that what we say and how we say it truly matter. I pray we remember that actions speak louder than words, I pray that we all learn to forgive not only ourselves but others as well. And I pray that we can all remember that we were created equal and are all loved the same.

We shouldn’t be teaching our children rhymes to throw at a bully to mask that the words that were said were hurtful. Or better yet uncalled for, maybe it’s wishful thinking. Yet this future that I wish for, will not come easy.

It is up to all of us to be better as people, to be the best possible versions of ourselves, so our kids and our peers realize and learn the best way to be in society. I pray that one day we all learn how to be better.


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