When you hate the world.


So this post isn’t going to be spiritual, or metaphorical for anything, it’s pretty much just going to be blunt– very very blunt. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you wake up one day and just realize…. you hate the world i mean you literally hate the planet and the majority of the people who inhabit it. You hate them for one petty or dumb reason or another but the feeling sticks, it grows and blossoms into a full blown hatred. In fact this feeling makes me think of a song which is I shit you not, Titled—- I HATE EVERYONE. In fact I routinely look this song up for a laugh when my own feelings of animosity and hate just seem to be too much to handle. then I smile and go on with life remembering that I hate you all. And if you think for one single second that I genuinely like you, think again— my list of people who I actually am fond of, is very very small, and most likely shrinking everyday because I am just so over people and bullshit. in fact I think my list is pretty much down to four people, and one of those people is technically not a person at all because it’s my dog. So just remember I hate the world and I probably hate you too.


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