So I’m changing it up, usually I post some snarky sarcastic possibly even rude stuff– and sometimes I try to sound smart and poetic. WELL NOT TODAY! today is all about the Playoffs! Yes friends baseball season has come to an “end” it’s playoff time! and for the first time in a very long time I can say the Chicago Cubs are back in the playoffs– after winning their wildcard game against the Pirates the other night. Every year as cubs fans nationwide are truly aware of, we always say “this is our year”; and knock on wood this year REALLY is our year! Joe Maddon said that this year he was going to bring the Cubs to the world series, and by god I hope he can do it! Shit just being back in the playoffs is a feat most of us (myself included) were skeptical of. I have never been more thrilled to see, the cubbies back in the spotlight for a playoff berth– and more importantly all those white sox fans can finally keep their mouths shut for once. It’s time for playoff beards (the only time it is socially acceptable for grown men to look like paul bunyan, or any other kind of mountain man). I look forward to the upcoming series against the St. Louis Cardinals, I hope to keep this positive momentum going all the way to the world series.

If the cubs go and win, I can kiss reasonably priced tickets goodbye, but I don’t care– okay that’s a lie I’d care a little. For years i’ve been enjoying fairly cheap tickets depending on who the other team was and where I wanted to sit. if that changes it’ll be the end of an era. However it will also mean the start of a new era– an era where people don’t laugh at me when I say I’m a cubs fan. An era where I no longer have to compare it to being an auburn fan (roll tide baby) or a fan of any other team where, you know they’re going to disappoint you. BUT you love them anyway.

So Let’s flytheW cubbies and go all the way to the world series. I just have one question, Hey Chicago.. Whaddya say?


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